Celebrate Week 53 at The Lowry

Week 53 is to be celebrated at The Lowry from 17-28 May. Go See This contributor Julia Soler Bloom rounds up some festival highlights for us.

‘The festival for the compulsory curious’ is back at The Lowry! With 70 art, dance and drama performances as well as interactive installations, 100 artists from across the world will be showing us their exciting explorations of ‘coming of age’ during Week 53.

The Lowry has programmed a creative and outstanding calendar of daily artistic events. Starting on Thursday 17 May with Nervous, Tom Dekyvere will transform the foyer space into a large scale digital installation. Using mirror, rope and lights to represent our brain’s nervous system, Dekyvere’s creation will provide the audience with a chance to see the human mind with a new perspective.

On 18 May, expect an encounter with Irish mythology, modern Ireland and classical ballet. In the hands of Michael Keegan-Dolan, a creative adaptation of Swan Lake will submerge the viewers into a magical and transformative dance tale with the debut of his new company, Teaċ Daṁsa.

A new exhibition opens in The Lowry Galleries on 19 May. Chantal Joffe displays her uniquely real paintings of the female body in Personal Feeling is the Main Thing. The exhibition displays human relationships and emotion with both intimacy and humour.

If you are looking for some creative family time, Week 53 hosts Innocence on 20 May. Scottish Dance Theatre, together with musician Paul Bradley, will emerge you in the imagination of William Blake in an adventure full of dance and fun. The two afternoon performances promise to be filled with lots of singing, giggling and animal noises.

On 23 May, you can engage all of your senses in TOAST. See, hear, taste and smell Nigel Slater’s boyhood story as his biography takes to the stage. Listen to tales from his past and learn how his interaction with food as a child helped to shape Nigel into the celebrated chef he is today.

Have you ever wondered what is real? The Quays will make reality visible on 27 May with Dökk. The performance will be exploring reality and the instincts of our subconscious mind in a production that toys with the balance of light and darkness.

This is just a sample of the fantastic Week 53 programme. Find the extended list of events over on The Lowry website.

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